Your Child Wasn’t Born to Fit In … They’re Here to Create a Whole New World

Your child was born with distinct gifts we all need if we want to evolve into a more peaceful and loving planet.

And when you recognize his or her behaviors as clues to their most meaningful talents, a whole new world of potential opens up for both of you.

You start to decode the language of your child’s soul. Which is pure magic!

And here’s a little secret…

Your child’s gifts need to be honored and acknowledged. Because that’s what gives our spiritual leaders of the next generation the confidence to use them wisely.

So stop worrying about why your child is different. And instead, nurture that potential.

How can you recognize those spiritual gifts?  

Here are a few hints.

Your child may be…

  • Highly intelligent yet still struggling in school
  • Extremely creative with passionate energy moving in every direction
  • Strong willed … maybe even rebelling against the rules
  • Hyper-sensitive to other peoples’ emotions, energy, and the environment
  • Able to see and sense things beyond the physical plane
  • Fascinated by concepts like faeries, magic and outer space
  • Able to communicate with spirits, angels and other non-physical beings
  • Drawn to world religions or spiritual masters
  • Able to recall past-lives
  • Emotionally sensitive yet still not able to express his or her feelings
  • Intuitive and capable of knowing things out of the blue
  • Exhibiting explosive reactions that seem to come out of nowhere
  • Showing signs of natural healing abilities, like using his or her hands to comfort other people, animals or dolls
  • Able to speak with a wisdom far beyond his or her years


Ready for more support?  Here’s Your Next Steps:

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