You and Your Child Can Have This Too!

I’ve noticed something lately that has me smiling…

Families are changing how they relate to one another on a Soul level.

I’m seeing it in my client sessions and I’m personally experiencing it myself.

And I know it’s because of this important realization…

Creating the relationship you want with your child (or anyone else) starts with you and how you nurture your own Spirit. 

Powerful isn’t it?

Because at the core of every experience with your child is energy.

Your relationship is an exchange of energy between your Souls. 

And your energy matters.

So when you see how it influences the world in and around you, you can build a strong and healthy foundation for an empowered relationship with your child.

Take Alissa, an amazing woman (and a client of mine) who is raising her extraordinary 7 year old daughter.

When we first started working together, she was desperate for answers and feared for her daughter’s safety.  Especially when her daughter began communicating with Spirits, Angels and other Ascended Masters.

Alissa just wanted to be at peace and know how to help her daughter.  But she felt frustrated and scared.  And she wasn’t enjoying their relationship because it was triggering feelings of insecurity, anxiety and sadness.

But when she recognized that she had the same spiritual gifts as her daughter, it changed everything.

She saw herself.  And she recognized her own energy, feeling validated for the first time.

She just needed to be herself and that was enough.  And it gave her the peace was she looking for.

In fact, that was the essential ingredient for empowering their relationship.

Because she was willing to recognize her own Spirit in a way that mattered to herself and everyone around her.

Showing up for her daughter became easier because her needs were being met and she was able to bring that peaceful energy into their relationship.

This is the kind of nurturing that naturally happens when you look within, listen to your heart, get in touch with what you want and allow yourself to have it.

That’s such a gift for your Spirit – and everyone else around you.

And it’s exactly what the world could use more of right now.

Your willingness to look within nurtures us all.

Because your kindness matters.