Who Is Mary?


 I’ve been receiving questions about my connection with Mary lately.

Such as “Are you a Christian?” or “You must be Catholic, right?”

And even “Who is Mary and how can she help me?”

At first, I felt sad.  Even shedding some tears.  For how little her true presence is known and available to help all.

And then something miraculous happened…

My neighbor shared the cover of National Geographic with me.  And guess who’s on it?

Yup, Mother Mary!

And it says, “Mary, the most powerful woman in the world.”  Maybe you’ve seen it?

As I starred at her face, I quickly realized she was looking back at me.  And my heart swelled with love and joy.  And in that moment, a spark of creativity was born.

I instantly felt inspired to share more of her with you and your children.  In a different way than ever before.

But to be honest, I noticed hesitation.  Because I was still carrying a thread of fear.  About being rejected or judged.

So I decided to take a deep breath and trust.  And share from the heart, knowing this is essential info to help nurture your child’s gifts with greater ease.

And I am overjoyed to help you tap into this Divine Presence more fully.  Because she can empower you and your children to live life with greater joy, ease and peace.

Mary is a mirror reflecting back the human potential and capacity to love.  Without limits, conditions or restraint.  And with an abundance of faith, fierce boundaries and graceful surrender.

She doesn’t belong to a certain religion, faith or spiritual practice.

She’s unconditionally and equally loving to everyone.  And always will be.  Because her essence is pure love.  And her compassion comforts the world like a warm blanket swaddling a newborn baby.

Her love is familiar, accessible and available for ALL to receive and enjoy. It’s simply a reminder for that which you already are.

I know you feel it.  And have felt her presence, even if you weren’t aware it was her.

She’s everywhere.  In your heart, in the trees, the flowers, the water, rivers and oceans.  Even in the eyes of a stranger.  Or a beloved pet.

All it takes is your willingness to recognize how omnipresent love really is.  And the many different forms it can take.  Including the love that lives underneath the masks that hide our imperfections and greatest fears or insecurities.

And she isn’t asking to be worshipped.

In fact, if you’re going to put her on a pedestal, you better make sure you pull one up beside her.  Because to truly receive her help and support, she asks you to see yourself as equal.  And deserving and worthy of the love you already are.

Placing her above you, is to separate yourself from the part of your Soul that she wants to lovingly embrace and reunite you with.

She asks for you to open your heart and let her awaken within.  So love and compassion shines forth from you.  As a living and breathing essence of the Divine Feminine face of God that already dwells within you.

Mary desires to show you the way home to your greatest truths and desires The dreams that light up the world.  And make it a better place to be.

She’s also your intimate lover.  Who teaches you how to turn any neediness and requests for outward validation into the pure ecstasy of unconditional love and acceptance that only YOU can give yourself.

This is a woman who holds a template to the most empowered parent-child relationship the world has ever experienced.  And she knows a thing or two about raising a spiritual leader.

She desires to share this wisdom and guidance with you.  So the relationship with yourself and your child is easier as love guides the way.  She loves to see all of her children thriving and sharing their gifts with the world.

And it starts with you.

So why not ask her for help and see what happens?

Why deny yourself and your children this level of love in your life?

It’s a necessity.

And I can tell you from personal experience, her presence saved my life.

As a child, my biggest challenge was learning how to be in this world – not of it.

And with a tender heart, this felt impossible.  Even scary and frustrating.  Because I didn’t understand what I was actually feeling.

I frequently burst into tears telling my Mom “I think I came too early!”

And Mary, would just smile at me.  And say “All is well”.

I can’t even tell you how many times I asked her for a book.  A manual.  Something that told me how to be a human!

And she would say “Feel Alison.  Feel”.

So I would ask for more help.  And more tears would flow.  More feelings would arise.  And I would say “Thank you” as she held me in love.

I share this in the hopes that it inspires you to ask for her help too.

Your willingness and curiosity opens the door to enlightenment.  And your heart and mind will thank you.

Imagine how it would be to…

  • Enjoy an easier relationship where you and your child feel empowered.  No more power struggles!
  • Feel a deeper sense of peace and confidence knowing you’re on the right track to nurturing your child’s greatest gifts.
  • Know how to show up for yourself and your child in each moment so both of your needs are met with greater ease and enjoyment.
  • Recognize your child’s behaviors as their greatest gifts.  So you can stop worrying about why your child is “different”.  And instead nurture their natural strengths.

Mary hears your greatest desires, fears and concerns.  She knows what’s in your heart.  And is always ready and willing to help.

She is a powerful woman.  Waiting to help you and your kids find inner peace and the liberation your Souls already know.