Everything flows from this resting place

I’ve been my own worst critic, judging myself for what I said or didn’t say.  Because I used to be scared of what others would say about me if I spoke the Truth.

And over the years I’ve learned to let go of needing other people’s approval, which has been incredibly liberating.  Helping me to feel confident from within instead of seeking outside validation.

Loving myself by receiving my own kindness has naturally become an easy invitation to be loved. 

That’s what Mary calls a miracle of kindness – love from within expressing itself as your natural Divinity. 

And all you simply need is the permission from within to love yourself first as the gift you are.  Everything else flows from this resting place.

But here’s the best part…  

It’s your choice.   Always.

YOU get to decide how you want to experience and express yourself.  

And your children desire to see and feel this embodied wisdom of love in action.  Because your choice to love who you are helps their Soul come alive and thrive in an environment of freedom and joy. 

It becomes their choice too.

Your children constantly learn from you.  They watch how you respond to the world.  And will often adopt the same patterns and habits you’ve consciously or unconsciously chosen and inherited.

And here’s something really important to remember…

You can want something for your child but if they don’t want it, it creates resistance because you’re only present to the expectation and not the true experience.

You don’t have to force or push things to happen for yourself or your child. That’s hard work which leaves you both tired and frustrated.

Instead, allow.  Let life be.  And follow your heart.

You’ll find love will naturally show up and make its presence known because it finally has the space to enter.

So as life delivers more and more opportunities to let go and renew, you can either fight it or allow it.

It’s your choice.

Listen to your Soul, she knows the way.