The Powerful Connection Between Your Child’s Feet and the Full Moon + 3 Activities That Will Help Ground Your Energy

Did you know that everything you need is right under your feet?

Your feet help connect your Spirit with your body to access the Earth’s energy for nourishment.

They help assimilate and filter how you experience energy and life itself.

And have energy centers and healing points that help ground you.

Pretty amazing, right?

I didn’t understand this important concept until I was in my early 20’s.

And until then, my feet didn’t touch the ground much unless I was dancing.

Because as a child my feet were incredibly sensitive.

I didn’t like wearing socks yet I didn’t enjoy walking in bare feet either.

Especially outside in the grass or in the dirt.

It was overwhelming and really uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what to do with all of the sensations.  Or the feelings that came with them.

And I didn’t understand how my feet could help connect me to the Earth. 

Or why that was so important.

Until I received anenergy healing session from one of my bodywork mentors when I was 22.

As I rolled off of the massage table, I was pleasantly surprised at the sensations coming through my feet.

I looked down and realized that was the first time I ever really felt connected with them.  They were more than just what stood upon the Earth.

So when I became a pediatric occupational therapist and started working with kids that were experiencing similar sensory challenges, I recognized something that wasn’t being addressed through traditional therapies or techniques.   

I could clearly see the energy of a child’s Soul and where they needed help connecting their energy with their physical body.

Especially in a way that felt safe, physically comfortable and enjoyable.

So I created ways to help using intuitive play and purposeful movement.

And I saw how these activities helped kids better understand their personal space, it’s boundaries and how to move within it.

So with the Full Moon and the eclipse happening this weekend, I wanted to share a few of these activities with you and your kids.

Because when the Moon is full, it can stir up emotions and energy.   

And being grounded helps give you an anchor and a source of support that allows the energy to flow easier through both of you.

Here are 3 activities that’ll help you and your child feel more grounded:

1. Spend time outside and play “I spy”

Pick an area to sit outside where you can feel your feet on the ground.

And then play this fun game of spotting objects based on colors and shapes in nature.

Take turns saying “I spy a _______” as you give clues that help your child find what you’ve chosen to spy on (ex, “I spy something green” or “I spy a green circle…”)

It’s fun, it focuses your child’s energy on what’s in and around them and it also connects you to the Earth’s energy without having to think about it.

2. Play in the dirt (or the sand)

Digging in the dirt gets you in touch with the Earth’s energy and uses muscles and other important skills that help your child feel grounded.

Plant flowers, dig a hole, make mud pies, build a sandcastle or even rake leaves.

You can even try filling a shallow container with dirt or sand, place it on the ground and use a twig, your finger or some other tool to draw in it.

And then after playing, you can both enjoy a cleansing salt bath that will help wash away any old energy that you’ve been releasing under this Full Moon.

3. Make footprints

Fill a container with water and have your child wet their feet and make multiple footprints on the sidewalk or other surface.

rainbow-670756_640You can create fun shapes with footprints and handprints.

And you can even grab some colored chalk and draw on them before they dry.   Or use the chalk to outline each other’s feet or entire body.

Have fun…

And not only with each other, but with the Earth and her magic too!

Because having fun and laughing gets you in your body and back into the present moment.

So you can actually enjoy what’s right underneath your feet.