Celebrating Women and Children

Here are just a few of the miracles and transformations women and children have received from my guidance and support.

May their stories inspire, encourage and light the way with what is possible for you and your children.


“Wish I had this info at birth…”

“I couldn’t believe the accuracy and detail in which Alison spoke about my son.  It opened up a whole new way of connecting with him because I truly understood who he was for the first time.  I feel so much more relaxed and at peace because I feel confident having all the critical pieces I need to support him.  Thank you Mother Mary for sharing your Divine guidance! .”

Mary King – Melbourne, Australia

“My Intuition Was Confirmed!”

“I can’t get over how powerful that intuitive reading was!  So amazing to have such clear affirmation of my highest mommy instincts and guidance for moving us forward with more PRESENCE.  Thank you for doing the work that you are doing…and for all the work you had to do in order to do this work.  We are grateful…”

Amanda Johnson, California

“Our relationship has deepened and I am so grateful.”

My daughter feels listened to, honored, heard, respected, and loved more fully.  I had questions that were replaced with answers and peace. I’m implementing more of what she asked for to the best of my ability.  You and the beautiful reading you did for us has shaped the way I Mother and the way I live life and it has also deepened our joy and relationship! Thank you!”

Cara Zappasodi, Encinitas, California

“I feel I’ve been blessed with an Angel who has been there
to assist me with compassion and integrity.”

Before working with Alison, I felt like a mess of a Mom. I struggled with guilt, fear and overwhelm, which made me tired, very down and less available to my family.

There is no doubt that after working with Alison, I’m more centered in who I am. I am more present, confident and ready to face challenges with my children. I felt I could always evolve as a Mom, but didn’t know how!  And now, I have the spiritual tools to work with and feel empowered.

The compassion and care in which my program was designed made me feel supported in so many ways.  My improvements were immediate because I always had something to implement right away.  Learning the meditations and setting space was really inspiring because the healing was made so easy!

Alison’s intuitive skills have been like precious moments of direct conversation with God for me and this is something that has been a true divine gift to our family!

I am truly grateful for her commitment to Moms like me, she gave me hope.

Jaya S. – Montreal, Quebec, CA.

“Who would’ve thought the more at ease I was with myself,
the easier it was to be present with my child.”

Before joining the Mothering with Ease program, I felt like I was not a good enough Mother or even person.  I struggled with isolation and doubt, feeling so lost that I couldn’t imagine being able to guide my child through his challenges.   This created a definite self-inflicted barrier between us because I didn’t want to rub off on my child.

When I began working with Alison, I began to notice improvements right away.  It was such a great relief to know that I was not alone in my feelings and that there were other Moms struggling too.

Each week I learned tools to take care of myself, which helped me take care of my son.  I didn’t realize self-care was so important, not only for me, but to him as well.  My anxiety at “messing up” dropped and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed, which was a great gift!

Alison made each step easy and I was able to digest the information and make the changes I needed to move myself towards healing.

Now, I feel much more prepared to guide him, knowing we picked each other, in all our imperfections, to walk this life.  I feel much closer to my son and more adequately equipped to be a good mother to him.

This program is an essential part of my growth as a Mother and person.”

Danette Colovos – Bend, OR

“In loving myself, my child is a recipient of that Love!”

“Before working with Alison, I was a physical mess.  I struggled with taking care of myself because I always gave to others first.  I had to be knocked off my feet before I could be still enough just to listen!  The relationship with my child suffered, as I didn’t understand it was OK to have boundaries for respecting one’s own needs.

During the Mother Nurture program, I learned how to stop, rest and put my needs first.  I was able to release hidden barriers that prevented me from showing up powerfully for myself and my child.  It taught me the value of myself.

Each session brought greater healing and understanding, joining my child and I in a healthier way.  I learned how to listen into what my needs really were and recognized that loving someone doesn’t need 150% on your part – there must be a balance.

I now have a clear and solid plan to meet my needs on a daily basis that feels realistic and fun.  I recognize my child now and truly Love myself, knowing my Angels, Guides and God are always with me.

We all feel better with a different perspective on what Love really means…”

Sarah S. – Bend, OR

“I was given permission to believe and have faith in
what my heart and mama intuition was telling me
for a long time.”

Before working with Alison, I was feeling powerless as a Mother.  Life was depressing, overwhelming, angering, frustrating and some days, scary.  My son was incredibly angry with me and we fought often, feeling like he was a horrid monster.  It was difficult for me to understand my buttons were being pushed and my reactions weren’t healthy.

After joining the Mothering with Ease program, my son and I have a new and more conscious understanding of one another.  The intuitive reading Alison gave was phenomenal and so eye and Spirit opening.  It shed beautiful light on our whole situation and helped my awareness and understanding open to change my perspective.

My son and I are more able to talk things through now because I’m able to hold space for him by holding a new vision as the bright shining Angel he is.  I feel empowered, excited and secretly giddy because I was given the permission to truly believe all the little “whisperings” I was feeling and hearing about my son and myself.

I am more in Love with my calling to be a Mother because it holds an even greater purpose for me now.”

Jessica Alden – Endeavor, WI

“I feel very present and connected with my son
and he feels it.”

After hearing Alison speak, I was motivated find more peace, confidence and calmness with my son.  I felt disorganized and stressed and I didn’t want to feel that anymore.  I was feeling like my brain was in warp speed 24/7 and I wasn’t present in my relationships at work or home.  I had anxiety way more than I should and I felt horrible not being present and confident raising my son.

After receiving Alison’s help, I am much more relaxed with my son.  I have carved out “Kathy-time” which feels fantastic.  Taking care of myself is the key to true happiness because all other parts of my life have now fallen into place as I make time for me.

I am no longer functioning out of fear and I’m not procrastinating with family or business goals anymore.  I feel very present and able to look at the bigger picture so I don’t get stuck in the minute details that used to bog me down.  My business has doubled and is flowing much better with the confidence I knew was always there.

Alison helped me put systems in place and helped me realize I needed to use some of the technology tools I had available to help me feel organized.

I felt better after my first session because I knew I had the hope and help to get there.  Alison could see I was worth it and could do “it” from day one!  She always helped me find my strengths and put those into action.  She was always in tune with the issue at hand, instead of coming in with an agenda or a “formula” for success.

I get totally upset when I think about what I would’ve missed out on if I didn’t work with Alison.  I would be missing an amazing life with my son and my significant other.”

Kathy Kemper – Sisters, OR

“Alison leaves the door wide open for the possibility of fun
and ease with new and even difficult discoveries!!”

Before I began working with Alison, I was feeling stressed and disconnected from my daughter.  We had a struggled history and I was deeply saddened and didn’t know what to do to establish the closeness I really wanted for us.  I was blocked from embracing the kind of affection and closeness I had longed to share with her because of fears I needed to face.

After joining the Mothering with Ease program, I began seeing my daughter differently after session one!  And I found after my second session that this process was more about facing firmly imbedded beliefs held about myself and my daughter.

I thought I needed more “to-do’s” and I found I needed new eyes instead.  I see my daughter and myself in a more understanding and compassionate light, with affection for her sweeping over me often.  I am feeling a hope that used to be despair and exhaustion.  For the first time in years, I’m seeing my daughter relax into this loving, safe space as I employ all that Alison’s support has helped me uncover.

The investment is so worth it!  I feel now that what seemed like an enormous chunk of change has been the greatest asset because the big investment forced me to seriously show up on the behalf of my daughter and my family in ways that I really needed the encouragement and accountability to do so.  And to my greatest pleasure, we were willing to go for round two to solidify all the great discoveries made the first time around while we open new potential for shifts in our whole family!

I’m so grateful for Alison’s sweet encouragement and solidness to prod me on in the face of difficulty!  I loved feeling her love, support, non-judgment and encouragement to keep growing even with hard self-discoveries.”

Janna Sublett ~ Bend, OR

“I am supported in a much more rich and luscious way!”

When I stepped into the Mothering With Mary Program, I knew it was right.  I was curious, yet unsure how life was going to be unfolding.  

As a Mom to 2 beautiful soul daughters, I was looking for more support and guidance.  And wanting to connect more deeply with my future children I’m about to bring into this world.  

After being in this program, I feel more bonded with Motherhood.  I have a deeper understanding, knowing and trust in the relationship with my soul daughters.  And I have more excitement and presence for them.  

I’m an awesome Mom and I have incredible tools.  And I realize I’m already mothering my future kids even though they’re not here yet!”

Rachel Cargill Martin, Tacoma, WA

“Feeling Mary’s presence has helped us evolve further as a family.”

I am relieved to have become more aware of the tools I can use with my children in order to improve our relationship. It is definitely a real blessing to have had the opportunity to hear from Mary and Alison in such an intimate way.

Each message was so timely and perfect and often, answers to questions I had would come through Mother Mary’s words at exactly the right moments.”  

Jaya Chawla, Quebec, Canada 

“I found gratitude as a skeleton key to my own heart.”

I know my children are destined for important things.  How it will unfold is a mystery, but I sense Mary’s wisdom in understanding and honoring the greatness of her child before knowing what would be.

I have gained such inspiration and admiration for her, in all her glory and humanness.  Which is a key that unlocks any door that may have shut. Including my door to self love.

I realized I didn’t give myself enough credit for all that I do and all that I am.  Working with Alison has helped me close this chapter, as the next novel of my life with my children manifests into being.

Just to be in Alison’s presence is a gift.  Few people are truly present in the moment, appreciating their environment and the person before them.

The impact of our work together is hard to express verbally. Let me just say that she and her programs are the perfect combination to facilitate astonishing growth for me personally and with my family.”

Erin Henderson, Bend, Oregon

“I’m learning to receive with greater ease.”

Before this program, I felt like a failure even though I love my children with the deepest of love.  Nothing I tried was working to help them with their gifts. 

I realized I needed to be in my own energy and not try to fix anything for them.  I have always given more to others than myself and receiving was tough for me. 

I wasn’t used to asking for help.  Especially when it came to my kids.  And thought I had to do it all myself. 

Now I feel more confident being myself with my children.  Mary and Alison have taught me to soften my energy – what it means to be gentle and powerful.  And that help is always there when I speak up.

Interacting with my kids is easier now.  Because I feel empowered to be present with them in a way that respects healthy boundaries.  And knowing what my needs are has helped tremendously with shifting the energy in our relationships.

With the gentle grace of an angel and the respectful professionalism that Alison always conducts herself with in every session, she is a rare commodity to this world.

I feel very blessed to have been in her care for the past 12 months. I have changed and grown in more ways than I could ever have imagined.”

Teresa White, Ashland, Oregon

“I am confident!  Ready to move forward and be fearless.”

Before this program, I felt like I was trying to climb a big wall to get where I needed to be.  I was tired from working so hard and wasn’t having fun.

With Mary’s guidance, I learned how to appreciate my own spiritual gifts on a deeper level and I’m more in tune with my husband and grandchildren. Communication is easier and I’m able to understand what they want and desire.

During the entire program, I felt powerfully held in grace and love which helped me gain the confidence to go forward with my plans in life and follow what feels good for me.”

Eve McColloch, Grangeville, ID

“I received a tremendous shift in how I see myself and my daughter!”

Thank you so much for my incredible Divine Mother Makeover session.  With your patience, understanding and support, I was able to experience an aha moment as a result of your gifted guidance.

I felt assisted to examine the situation with my daughter using more conscious awareness.

Thank you for your help, you are so gifted!”

Valerie A., Los Angeles, CA