Here’s a sneak peek into my new educational curriculum…

Recently, I shared the fun announcement that my business is shifting its focus into the realm of education (that feels so good to say!).

And that I’m being called to help educate the SPIRIT of children. 

I also mentioned that I’d share more about the educational curriculum I created so you can start to recognize what influences your child’s energy and overall development.  

So here’s what I’d love for you to know…

It’s called Embodied Brilliance™

And it’s designed to help kids embody their Spirit and nurture their greatest gifts through understanding the brilliance of their body.

How exciting is that?!

It was inspired from my 17 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist helping children enhance their cognitive, sensory and motor skills. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that most kids (and parents) aren’t typically taught how their Spirit connects with the body or how to take care of it.

And I knew that a strong foundation of skills from a young age would help nurture their gifts and their creative energy.

That’s why I created this curriculum.

As an innovative way to support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit.  Through learning about the body’s senses and how it impacts their energy and overall development.

Because having a clear picture of their whole being helps you recognize the brilliant expression of who they are and how to nurture it.

So their emotions are validated and their behaviors are better understood instead of being labeled, judged, misunderstood or even overlooked.

And it’s why I’m so excited to share more with you about how your child’s senses are key to helping their Spirit feel alive and fully at home in the body.

I’ll be sharing more about what these 7 senses are and how they create a natural blueprint for understanding your child’s development

You can learn more about the 7 senses here

I can’t wait to let you in on how they help map out the extraordinary communication between your child’s brain and body!

It’ll give you new insight into their life experiences.

*** The Course Starts Sept 2017 *** 

Enrollment is closed – join the waitlist

I’m teaching our first highly anticipated 8-week live Embodied Brilliance experience for you to learn more about how to recognize your child’s behaviors as clues to their most meaningful gifts and talents.  

Through powerful, interactive experiences, you’ll discover and explore 7 bodily senses and how they support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit. 

You’ll begin to recognize how they feel, think and move about in the world and begin to see the whole picture of who your child really is.  Plus gain greater insight into what influences their emotions, behaviors, creative energy and spiritual expression. 

I created this experience as a down-to-Earth guide to help you nurture your child’s Cosmic nature.  So you can both enjoy the freedom to Love who you are instead of trying to fit in or hold back your greatest gifts.   

You can learn more here: Embodied Brilliance™  and join the waitlist.

Enrollment re-opens Dec 2017.




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