7 senses that help explain everything about your child…

In last week’s post, I shared more about my new educational curriculum, called Embodied Brilliance™  

And how it’s designed to help kids embody their Spirit and nurture their greatest gifts through understanding the brilliance of their body. 

If you missed it, you can read it here.

I also mentioned that I’d introduce you to the 7 bodily senses that are central to supporting the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit.

So I’m excited to share them with you, especially since it’s an important piece about your child’s whole being that often gets overlooked or misunderstood.

I first started learning about these 7 amazing senses about 19 years ago while I was still in occupational therapy school.

They changed the way I saw myself.

And explained certain behaviors and quirks I had as a kid, like not wanting to walk barefoot in the grass and having heavy covers on my bed to sleep at night.

I discovered a whole new world and relationship with my body.

And over the years, it’s helped me embody more of who I am and understand my Spirit in new and surprising ways.

So here’s what I’d love for you to know…

Your child has a unique map that’s designed to help their Spirit connect with their body.

Amazing, right?!

This extraordinary map is found in what’s called the sensory system, which is made up of 7 bodily senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, movement and spatial awareness (your body position in relation to others).

And it exists as part of your child’s natural brain design and development.

The sensory system helps map out the communication between your child’s brain and body that directly influences how they feel, think and move about in the world. 

And it also deeply impacts their behaviors, creativity, social interactions, self-esteem and the expression of their spiritual gifts and talents.

Because your child’s senses act as a gateway, keeping them connected to their Spirit and in tune with their body. 

Allowing them to access their own information and energy that’s unique to who they are and how they relate to the world.

That’s why the senses are designed to work together and help your child follow what feels good, teaching them how to trust their intuition and how to use their gifts wisely.

They help bridge the inner and outer worlds and it’s why your child uses their sensory system to filter and help define their vibrational interpretation of life.

Which ultimately helps them cultivate a deep, meaningful and loving relationship between their mind, body and Spirit. 

Isn’t your child’s body brilliant? 

I can’t wait to help you discover more about each of the 7 senses so you can begin to recognize how they work together and nurture your child’s mind, body and Spirit connection.

Get ready to understand their behaviors on a whole new level!

*** Course Starts Sept 2017 *** 

Enrollment is closed – join the waitlist

I’m teaching our first highly anticipated 8-week live Embodied Brilliance experience for you to learn more about how to recognize your child’s behaviors as clues to their most meaningful gifts and talents.  

Through powerful, interactive experiences, you’ll discover and explore 7 bodily senses and how they support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit. 

You’ll begin to recognize how they feel, think and move about in the world and begin to see the whole picture of who your child really is.  Plus gain greater insight into what influences their emotions, behaviors, creative energy and spiritual expression. 

I created this experience as a down-to-Earth guide to help you nurture your child’s Cosmic nature.  So you can both enjoy the freedom to Love who you are instead of trying to fit in or hold back your greatest gifts.   

You can learn more here: Embodied Brilliance™  and join the waitlist.

Enrollment re-opens Dec 2017.

Here’s a sneak peek into my new educational curriculum…

Recently, I shared the fun announcement that my business is shifting its focus into the realm of education (that feels so good to say!).

And that I’m being called to help educate the SPIRIT of children. 

I also mentioned that I’d share more about the educational curriculum I created so you can start to recognize what influences your child’s energy and overall development.  

So here’s what I’d love for you to know…

It’s called Embodied Brilliance™

And it’s designed to help kids embody their Spirit and nurture their greatest gifts through understanding the brilliance of their body.

How exciting is that?!

It was inspired from my 17 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist helping children enhance their cognitive, sensory and motor skills. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that most kids (and parents) aren’t typically taught how their Spirit connects with the body or how to take care of it.

And I knew that a strong foundation of skills from a young age would help nurture their gifts and their creative energy.

That’s why I created this curriculum.

As an innovative way to support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit.  Through learning about the body’s senses and how it impacts their energy and overall development.

Because having a clear picture of their whole being helps you recognize the brilliant expression of who they are and how to nurture it.

So their emotions are validated and their behaviors are better understood instead of being labeled, judged, misunderstood or even overlooked.

And it’s why I’m so excited to share more with you about how your child’s senses are key to helping their Spirit feel alive and fully at home in the body.

I’ll be sharing more about what these 7 senses are and how they create a natural blueprint for understanding your child’s development

You can learn more about the 7 senses here

I can’t wait to let you in on how they help map out the extraordinary communication between your child’s brain and body!

It’ll give you new insight into their life experiences.

*** The Course Starts Sept 2017 *** 

Enrollment is closed – join the waitlist

I’m teaching our first highly anticipated 8-week live Embodied Brilliance experience for you to learn more about how to recognize your child’s behaviors as clues to their most meaningful gifts and talents.  

Through powerful, interactive experiences, you’ll discover and explore 7 bodily senses and how they support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit. 

You’ll begin to recognize how they feel, think and move about in the world and begin to see the whole picture of who your child really is.  Plus gain greater insight into what influences their emotions, behaviors, creative energy and spiritual expression. 

I created this experience as a down-to-Earth guide to help you nurture your child’s Cosmic nature.  So you can both enjoy the freedom to Love who you are instead of trying to fit in or hold back your greatest gifts.   

You can learn more here: Embodied Brilliance™  and join the waitlist.

Enrollment re-opens Dec 2017.

Try This Next Time Your Child Has a Meltdown…

Have you ever heard the phrase “Use your words”?

Or perhaps you’ve said it to your child when they’re having an epic meltdown?

If you have, it’s OK…

It’s incredibly frustrating and stressful for both of you when they’re crying, screaming and upset.  Especially when it happens in a public place – right in front of everyone.

You just want it to stop.

Yet if you ask your child to “use their words” instead of behaving a certain way, it often intensifies the situation.

Have you ever noticed that?

Finding those words can often feel challenging, overwhelming and frustrating when they’re having such intense feelings.

And here’s why…

Your child’s Soul didn’t come into this life knowing how to naturally communicate with words.

That’s a learned skill that develops over time with refinement.

Energy is the natural language and expression of your child’s Soul. 

It’s the unspoken words and non-verbal communication that occurs quickly and gives instant feedback, sometimes without any conscious thought.

And your child knows how to use this language effectively.  Especially when trying to get your attention.

It takes time for your child to put words to the unspoken ways in which they’re used to communicating.

And it requires an essential skill – connecting their energy (their Spirit) with their body.

Your child needs to feel something in their body before they learn to recognize and make sense of it in their brain.  It’s how they’re wired.

Because words are formulated after they feel something.  They need the experience to make the connection between their energy and their body.

It’s how they learn.  And it’s how your child chooses how he or she feels instead of having someone decide for them.  

And it also helps your child learn more effective ways of expressing their emotions that still get heard without resistance or all the drama.

So the next time your child is having a meltdown try this…

  • Let them have it. Allow them to feel.
  • Give their energy 100% permission to be where it is. Even if you don’t like it. 
  • And give yourself 100% permission to have your emotions too by saying hello to any frustration, overwhelm, guilt, shame, etc… that comes up.
  • Then feel your feet on the ground and take a few deep breaths as you allow yourself to be fully present to the situation and what’s happening.

You’ll notice your child’s emotions change on their own when you acknowledge them instead of trying to control, fight or resist it.

Emotion is energy just trying to move itself.  And by giving it permission to be there, more space is created for both of you to feel validated and heard without judgment.

It may not always look pretty or feel good when it’s happening, yet it is a unique way of learning how to feel and express energy through the body.

Because underneath it all, your child’s Spirit just wants to be heard and acknowledged, no matter how it comes out.  

And that takes compassion, love and a new way of understanding yourself and your child from the inside out so that who they really are can show up and brilliantly be.



The Powerful Connection Between Your Child’s Feet and the Full Moon + 3 Activities That Will Help Ground Your Energy

Did you know that everything you need is right under your feet?

Your feet help connect your Spirit with your body to access the Earth’s energy for nourishment.

They help assimilate and filter how you experience energy and life itself.

And have energy centers and healing points that help ground you.

Pretty amazing, right?

I didn’t understand this important concept until I was in my early 20’s.

And until then, my feet didn’t touch the ground much unless I was dancing.

Because as a child my feet were incredibly sensitive.

I didn’t like wearing socks yet I didn’t enjoy walking in bare feet either.

Especially outside in the grass or in the dirt.

It was overwhelming and really uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what to do with all of the sensations.  Or the feelings that came with them.

And I didn’t understand how my feet could help connect me to the Earth. 

Or why that was so important.

Until I received anenergy healing session from one of my bodywork mentors when I was 22.

As I rolled off of the massage table, I was pleasantly surprised at the sensations coming through my feet.

I looked down and realized that was the first time I ever really felt connected with them.  They were more than just what stood upon the Earth.

So when I became a pediatric occupational therapist and started working with kids that were experiencing similar sensory challenges, I recognized something that wasn’t being addressed through traditional therapies or techniques.   

I could clearly see the energy of a child’s Soul and where they needed help connecting their energy with their physical body.

Especially in a way that felt safe, physically comfortable and enjoyable.

So I created ways to help using intuitive play and purposeful movement.

And I saw how these activities helped kids better understand their personal space, it’s boundaries and how to move within it.

So with the Full Moon and the eclipse happening this weekend, I wanted to share a few of these activities with you and your kids.

Because when the Moon is full, it can stir up emotions and energy.   

And being grounded helps give you an anchor and a source of support that allows the energy to flow easier through both of you.

Here are 3 activities that’ll help you and your child feel more grounded:

1. Spend time outside and play “I spy”

Pick an area to sit outside where you can feel your feet on the ground.

And then play this fun game of spotting objects based on colors and shapes in nature.

Take turns saying “I spy a _______” as you give clues that help your child find what you’ve chosen to spy on (ex, “I spy something green” or “I spy a green circle…”)

It’s fun, it focuses your child’s energy on what’s in and around them and it also connects you to the Earth’s energy without having to think about it.

2. Play in the dirt (or the sand)

Digging in the dirt gets you in touch with the Earth’s energy and uses muscles and other important skills that help your child feel grounded.

Plant flowers, dig a hole, make mud pies, build a sandcastle or even rake leaves.

You can even try filling a shallow container with dirt or sand, place it on the ground and use a twig, your finger or some other tool to draw in it.

And then after playing, you can both enjoy a cleansing salt bath that will help wash away any old energy that you’ve been releasing under this Full Moon.

3. Make footprints

Fill a container with water and have your child wet their feet and make multiple footprints on the sidewalk or other surface.

rainbow-670756_640You can create fun shapes with footprints and handprints.

And you can even grab some colored chalk and draw on them before they dry.   Or use the chalk to outline each other’s feet or entire body.

Have fun…

And not only with each other, but with the Earth and her magic too!

Because having fun and laughing gets you in your body and back into the present moment.

So you can actually enjoy what’s right underneath your feet.


A Full Moon Tip That Always Works For Your Child

A Full Moon always delivers healing energy for you and your children.

In fact, the Moon’s powerful energy can often pull on and stir up emotions and other patterns that are ready to be released.

It’s a great time for checking in about old habits and routines that no longer serve or support you or your children.  

And if you’re willing to listen and follow the voice of your heart, you’ll find the energy is much easier to work with.

So try this simple and practical tip that will help both of you in 4 easy steps:

1. Grab a candle and some matches. 

2. And then find a comfy place to sit with your kids (it can indoors or outside). 

3. Light the candle.  And then have each person take a match and hold it in their hands.

4. Think about what you’re ready to release and then blow it into your match.

And for your kids, just ask what they want to blow into their match. 

Maybe it’s a feeling, a color, a sound or a noise, a word, a picture or an image, etc…  Allow their creativity to emerge and shine through.

Then, light each match by placing it in the candle and let it burn all the way through, allowing the flame to work its magic. 

Once all the matches are burned, you can say “Thank you, and so it is.”  

Know that what you released is now complete.  

And all is well.

You and Your Child Can Have This Too!

I’ve noticed something lately that has me smiling…

Families are changing how they relate to one another on a Soul level.

I’m seeing it in my client sessions and I’m personally experiencing it myself.

And I know it’s because of this important realization…

Creating the relationship you want with your child (or anyone else) starts with you and how you nurture your own Spirit. 

Powerful isn’t it?

Because at the core of every experience with your child is energy.

Your relationship is an exchange of energy between your Souls. 

And your energy matters.

So when you see how it influences the world in and around you, you can build a strong and healthy foundation for an empowered relationship with your child.

Take Alissa, an amazing woman (and a client of mine) who is raising her extraordinary 7 year old daughter.

When we first started working together, she was desperate for answers and feared for her daughter’s safety.  Especially when her daughter began communicating with Spirits, Angels and other Ascended Masters.

Alissa just wanted to be at peace and know how to help her daughter.  But she felt frustrated and scared.  And she wasn’t enjoying their relationship because it was triggering feelings of insecurity, anxiety and sadness.

But when she recognized that she had the same spiritual gifts as her daughter, it changed everything.

She saw herself.  And she recognized her own energy, feeling validated for the first time.

She just needed to be herself and that was enough.  And it gave her the peace was she looking for.

In fact, that was the essential ingredient for empowering their relationship.

Because she was willing to recognize her own Spirit in a way that mattered to herself and everyone around her.

Showing up for her daughter became easier because her needs were being met and she was able to bring that peaceful energy into their relationship.

This is the kind of nurturing that naturally happens when you look within, listen to your heart, get in touch with what you want and allow yourself to have it.

That’s such a gift for your Spirit – and everyone else around you.

And it’s exactly what the world could use more of right now.

Your willingness to look within nurtures us all.

Because your kindness matters.

An Important Resource to Help You and Your Kids

September is a powerful month for you and your children.

There’s a New Moon and solar eclipse on the 1st, helping you start a new month with fresh insight.

And another eclipse happens on Sept 16 right at the Full Moon.

The Fall/Spring Equinox occurs around Sept 22 and the planet Mercury is in retrograde for about 3 weeks

Whew, that’s a lot of energy isn’t it?

And it’s all happening to help you and your children build meaningful, stronger and healthier foundations in your relationships – starting with yourself first.

So it’s the perfect time for re-adjusting your focus on what matters. And for going within to find more ease by being yourself.

You and your kids may notice frustration, uncertainty, doubt or irritability arising over the next few weeks.

And if so, it’s OK.  You’re just clearing out what isn’t you anymore.  And you’re right in sync with the Cosmic energy.

You’re getting a chance to go over old ground and shift things from the past as you re-evaluate the direction of your life.

So if you start to feel heavy, tired or anxious, just remember you’re freeing up what you’ve been holding onto.  And that’s a good thing!

Be gentle with yourself and your kids. And allow yourself to feel deeply because it helps both of you find more compassion and kindness.

This month is here to help you recognize your own Spirit in a way that matters to you and everyone around you.

Remember this…

“Creating the relationship you want with your child (or anyone else) starts with you and how you nurture your own Spirit.”

And this happens when you bring your attention and focus back to you.

You’ll feel seen, heard and validated.

And your relationships will feel more empowered because you’re naturally creating more of what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

So to help you and your children nurture your Spirit during this power packed month, I’m excited to share an incredible resource with you.

It’s my free handout…

Miracles of Kindness: 10 Simple Ways to Be Kind and Loving With Yourself and Your Children.

You can get it here: Miracles of Kindness Handoutcover 3

This practical guide outlines 10 of the easiest, most effective and enlightening ways that will help nurture the relationship with yourself and your children.

These simple yet powerful tips will help you follow what feels good as you learn to trust your Spirit from the inside out.

And if you already have this amazing resource, keep using it!
Or start using it now.

This handout really works if you allow its magic to guide you.

Here’s what one woman recently shared about her experience:

This Miracles of Kindness gift is really quite powerful. I read through the handout during a busy moment. A few days later the magic happened. It clicked that Miracles of Kindness is a shift into coming from love and that coming from love opens all channels to receive. I love how magical this powerful work is…light and easily ushering you into a new way of being, giving and receiving. Beautiful.”

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to nurture your own Spirit or your child’s over this next month and beyond!


A vital life skill your child must-have to express their creativity and spirituality…

I love playgrounds, especially when they have more than just a few swings, slides or places to climb.

They become adventure centers where a child’s Spirit can explore their physical abilities and see what’s possible through fun, laughter and creativity.

Kids get a chance to use their coordination and motor skills, which helps their Spirit connect with their body.   And they feel alive and free to explore the world around them with greater confidence and ease.

Movement is an important and necessary part of learning how energy moves through your body and into the world around you.

And when kids can understand how their body moves in relation to the physical space around them, they have a better understanding of their spiritual energy and its boundaries.

As a kid, I didn’t know how to develop healthy boundaries within myself and with other people. 

I floated outside of my body feeling energy that I thought was mine or that I had to do something with.

And I certainly didn’t understand how to embody my Spirit and my gifts in a way that left me feeling empowered and at peace with who I am.

The only time I felt connected in my body was when I was dancing, swimming or riding my bike.  Because these activities helped me feel safe for my Soul to creatively express herself without the fear of rejection or judgment.

Truth is, most children have similar experiences because they aren’t taught how to have relationship between their body and their spiritual energy in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

And most kids are only taught how to care for their physical body and not their energetic body (the boundary beyond your skin).

In fact, they often feel responsible for the energy around them because they feel it in their personal space and don’t know what to do about it. 

And if they can’t tell the difference between their energy and someone else’s, it can feel confusing and overwhelming.  Even disorienting, frustrating and perhaps scary.

Maybe you had a similar experience as a child too or even as an adult.

It’s all part of learning how to be here.  In a body.

And perhaps you’re wondering how to help your child with this important skill.  Or how to recognize their behaviors as clues to their most meaningful gifts and talents.  

If so, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve decided to make one of online educational classes available for you to purchase as an audio you can listen to again and again as many times as you want.

Because this is info every Mom needs to know about her child.  It’s essential to your child’s health and well-being.

And in the audio, I go into greater detail about how your child’s energy connects with their body and how you can help them discover it more fully.  And why that’s so important to their path in life.

Plus, I also unravel the mystery behind what your child’s spiritual gifts are so you finally get what their behaviors mean.  And what they’ve been trying to tell you all along.

But my favorite part is where I help you understand the secret to strengthening your child’s self-esteem so they develop the confidence they need to use their gifts wisely (this is a must-know!).

And how using 3 simple questions with your child can help them learn to trust their body’s intelligence, teaching them greater self-awareness with their emotions.

This audio is a perfect way to start understanding your child on a deeper level as you discover what they need and how to empower their Spirit.  

It’s truly the info you wish you had at birth.

And I’d love for you to have it.  Because I know how vital this is to your child’s well-being.

You can purchase it here: http://bit.ly/29Gj80n


When you receive what you want, your kids get what they want too

I’ve noticed a common thread weaving its magic through my client sessions and conversations lately…

And it has to do with nourishing the Soul from the inside out.

I’m not just referring to “self-care” or even pampering – which are great and have their place – but don’t really leave you feeling fully satisfied or alive.

I’m talking about essential Soul nourishment that comes from slowing down and engaging in deep listening.

The kind of nurturing that naturally happens when you look within, listen to your heart, get clear on what you want and allow yourself to have it.

That’s such a gift.

And it’s one your kids are waiting for you to have.

I know you put tons of energy into raising your children.  Every single day.

And you want the best for them.

So why not put that same energy towards what you want?

When you receive what you want, your kids get what they want too.

It’s win-win for everyone.

When your Spirit is nurtured and feels empowered, your kids are a recipient of that energy – without you even trying.

Becoming more of who you really are is one of the best ways to nurture your child’s Spirit.  You create room for BOTH of you.  

No one gets ignored, squeezed out or misplaced.  Power struggles disappear and fighting to be heard isn’t necessary anymore. 

Instead, acceptance softens your heart.  Judgment falls away.  Anger dissipates.  And love fills your heart.    

But here’s the best part…there’s room to breathe.

Jaya, a client of mine, recently uncovered what she really wanted for herself:

I want to exist fully and completely in the presence of my family.  I want to take up that space.”

I got chills.

I could hear the passion in her voice as she uncovered and listened to her hidden Truth.

She was tired of dancing between the duty and responsibility she often feels as a Mom and wife vs what her birthright as a human being is. 

So when she got clear on what she really wanted, she experienced a BIG shift in her awareness. 

She realized she wanted room for her full self to show up.  And the permission could only come from within herself.

When she hung up the phone from our session, her son said,” How was your call Mama?  Was it inspiring?” 

Then right before bed, he shared this beautiful message with her:

There is honor in the air…sleep with honesty.”

How amazing is that?

So, what hidden truth is ready to be uncovered in your heart?

Remember, your kids secretly want it for you too.

Your honesty will set everyone free.

Everything flows from this resting place

I’ve been my own worst critic, judging myself for what I said or didn’t say.  Because I used to be scared of what others would say about me if I spoke the Truth.

And over the years I’ve learned to let go of needing other people’s approval, which has been incredibly liberating.  Helping me to feel confident from within instead of seeking outside validation.

Loving myself by receiving my own kindness has naturally become an easy invitation to be loved. 

That’s what Mary calls a miracle of kindness – love from within expressing itself as your natural Divinity. 

And all you simply need is the permission from within to love yourself first as the gift you are.  Everything else flows from this resting place.

But here’s the best part…  

It’s your choice.   Always.

YOU get to decide how you want to experience and express yourself.  

And your children desire to see and feel this embodied wisdom of love in action.  Because your choice to love who you are helps their Soul come alive and thrive in an environment of freedom and joy. 

It becomes their choice too.

Your children constantly learn from you.  They watch how you respond to the world.  And will often adopt the same patterns and habits you’ve consciously or unconsciously chosen and inherited.

And here’s something really important to remember…

You can want something for your child but if they don’t want it, it creates resistance because you’re only present to the expectation and not the true experience.

You don’t have to force or push things to happen for yourself or your child. That’s hard work which leaves you both tired and frustrated.

Instead, allow.  Let life be.  And follow your heart.

You’ll find love will naturally show up and make its presence known because it finally has the space to enter.

So as life delivers more and more opportunities to let go and renew, you can either fight it or allow it.

It’s your choice.

Listen to your Soul, she knows the way.