How I Learned to Embody My Spirit…

How do I understand the unique challenges of raising a child with spiritual gifts?

Because I was one myself.

Like your child, I grew up highly sensitive.  I not only felt unsure of myself, but unsafe.  Even in my own skin.

And I was desperate to fit in.  So confused about who I really was that I took on other people’s opinions of who they said I should be.

That’s when I lost myself and became extremely ill.  I had so much pain, vertigo and food allergies, it felt like my body was giving up on me.

I was disconnected.  Disheartened.  And scared.

But it hadn’t always been that way.

As a child I was full of light and curiosity — because I was surrounded by the laughter and warmth of my “invisible” friends.

Indeed, it took me years to realize that the loving woman I’d played with every day in my nursery was actually Mother Mary.

She showed me that I was never alone.  And she taught me things I wouldn’t fully understand until decades later.

But all that love, comfort and security vanished as I went through those painful adolescent and teenage years.

And I wasn’t the only one struggling.  I found out years later that my Mom had been suffering right along with me.  Sensing I was “different,” she felt helpless to guide me and nurture my gifts.

Even though she didn’t tell me that then, I intuitively picked up on her discomfort.  Which made me feel even more ashamed.  And every area of my life was affected.

Relationships were especially hard.  I didn’t understand how to create healthy boundaries.  And I was worn out and exhausted.

Until finally, in my late ’20s, I made a life-changing decision …

To let go of my fear and the need to hide.

To let go of my shame and stop apologizing for my existence.

To let go of the belief that it wasn’t safe for me to share my gifts.

And to always speak my truth.

The moment I made that decision, I decided to really LIVE.

That meant being here fully in my body and living as my highest expression of Love.  It meant using my gifts to thrive.  Living my heart’s deepest desires.  And expressing the real me.

Once I decided to make myself a priority — and to love myself — everything shifted.

I became a pediatric occupational therapist because I was so passionate about helping Moms feel whole, healthy and empowered.  And I began offering gentle, alternative methods of healing with the mothers,babies and children in my practice.

I learned how to embrace my gifts and work with them.  Instead of trying to ignore them, hide them or deny them all together.

I learned about relationship dynamics and how a Mother’s presence affects her children.

I learned how to set healthy boundaries and take care of my energy so I could stay grounded and present, even in the middle of chaos.

I learned how to use my voice and express the real me.

And I moved across the country and started living my life.  I surrounded myself in nature, and began exploring who I really was.  And who I was born to be.

And the most important part of all this?  I began forming a new adult relationship with my childhood companion: Mother Mary.

I like to think of her as my business partner.  Because she holds the template to the most empowering Mother-child relationship this planet has ever known.

And together, we’re both overjoyed at having the opportunity to empower you and your child to embody your Spirit and nurture your greatest gifts.

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