7 senses that help explain everything about your child…

In last week’s post, I shared more about my new educational curriculum, called Embodied Brilliance™  

And how it’s designed to help kids embody their Spirit and nurture their greatest gifts through understanding the brilliance of their body. 

If you missed it, you can read it here.

I also mentioned that I’d introduce you to the 7 bodily senses that are central to supporting the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit.

So I’m excited to share them with you, especially since it’s an important piece about your child’s whole being that often gets overlooked or misunderstood.

I first started learning about these 7 amazing senses about 19 years ago while I was still in occupational therapy school.

They changed the way I saw myself.

And explained certain behaviors and quirks I had as a kid, like not wanting to walk barefoot in the grass and having heavy covers on my bed to sleep at night.

I discovered a whole new world and relationship with my body.

And over the years, it’s helped me embody more of who I am and understand my Spirit in new and surprising ways.

So here’s what I’d love for you to know…

Your child has a unique map that’s designed to help their Spirit connect with their body.

Amazing, right?!

This extraordinary map is found in what’s called the sensory system, which is made up of 7 bodily senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, movement and spatial awareness (your body position in relation to others).

And it exists as part of your child’s natural brain design and development.

The sensory system helps map out the communication between your child’s brain and body that directly influences how they feel, think and move about in the world. 

And it also deeply impacts their behaviors, creativity, social interactions, self-esteem and the expression of their spiritual gifts and talents.

Because your child’s senses act as a gateway, keeping them connected to their Spirit and in tune with their body. 

Allowing them to access their own information and energy that’s unique to who they are and how they relate to the world.

That’s why the senses are designed to work together and help your child follow what feels good, teaching them how to trust their intuition and how to use their gifts wisely.

They help bridge the inner and outer worlds and it’s why your child uses their sensory system to filter and help define their vibrational interpretation of life.

Which ultimately helps them cultivate a deep, meaningful and loving relationship between their mind, body and Spirit. 

Isn’t your child’s body brilliant? 

I can’t wait to help you discover more about each of the 7 senses so you can begin to recognize how they work together and nurture your child’s mind, body and Spirit connection.

Get ready to understand their behaviors on a whole new level!

*** Course Starts Sept 2017 *** 

Enrollment is closed – join the waitlist

I’m teaching our first highly anticipated 8-week live Embodied Brilliance experience for you to learn more about how to recognize your child’s behaviors as clues to their most meaningful gifts and talents.  

Through powerful, interactive experiences, you’ll discover and explore 7 bodily senses and how they support the integration of your child’s mind, body and Spirit. 

You’ll begin to recognize how they feel, think and move about in the world and begin to see the whole picture of who your child really is.  Plus gain greater insight into what influences their emotions, behaviors, creative energy and spiritual expression. 

I created this experience as a down-to-Earth guide to help you nurture your child’s Cosmic nature.  So you can both enjoy the freedom to Love who you are instead of trying to fit in or hold back your greatest gifts.   

You can learn more here: Embodied Brilliance™  and join the waitlist.

Enrollment re-opens Dec 2017.




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